Article from Stand To! Number 22, 1988

bakeryThe 63rd Bakery Section, ASC, was formed on 28th December 1915 and its entire service was on the home front (probably in the Brighton area) until it was disbanded on 8th January 1918.

In the background can be seen the wood used to fire the row of "Aldershot" type of mud- or clay-covered field ovens behind the soldiers on the right. Each oven was capable of baking 108 l┬żlbs loaves of bread at one loading. Some 300lbs of hard, dry wood were required to heat each oven when it was first built and each subsequent heating required about 751bs of wood. Once sufficient heat had been generated, the fire was drawn and after about 20 minutes the oven loaded with trays of dough and then sealed. It took around 114 hours to bake one load of bred.

The man on the extreme right is holding one of the long-handled implements used to withdraw the trays of bread (one of which can be seen at his feet) from the ovens.

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