An Infantry Battalion in 1914, at full war establishment, consisted of 1,007 all ranks, of whom thirty were Officers. It was commanded by a Lieutenant Colonel with a Major as second-in-command, a Captain or Lieutenant as Adjutant and an officer commissioned from the ranks as Quartermaster. Attached to the Battalion headquarters was a Medical Officer.

The headquarters also included:

  • Warrant Officer as Regimental Sergeant-Major.
  • A number of Staff-Sergeants and Sergeants:
    • Quartermaster-Sergeant
    • Sergeant-Drummer
    • Sergeant-Cook
    • Pioneer-Sergeant
    • Sergeant-Shoemaker
    • Transport-Sergeant
    • Signaller-Sergeant
    • Armourer-Sergeant (attached from the AOC)
  • Orderly Room Clerk
  • Corporal and four Privates (of the RAMC attached for water duties)
  • Corporal and fifteen Privates as signallers
  • Ten Privates as Pioneers
  • Eleven Drivers for the horse-drawn transport
  • Sixteen stretcher bearers
  • Six Batmen for the officers
  • Two orderlies for the Medical Officer

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