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New Member Applicant Details
Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Rank)
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First name(s)

Telephone (with Country code)
Email address
Date of Birth (if under 18) - dd/mm/yyyy
The category of membership you are applying for:
Please click one category
      UK (incl BFPO) Single Membership (£26 per year)

      Europe Single Membership (£32 per year)

      Rest of World Single Membership (£37 per year)

      UK (incl BFPO) Dual Membership (£29 per year)

      Europe Dual Membership (£34 per year)

      Rest of World Dual Membership (£41 per year)

      Junior (under-18) UK (£13 per year)
Credit Card details(if applicable)
Expiry date
Start date
CSC code*
*CSC code= card security code (last three digits from number on back of card)
Understanding our members
How did you hear about us?
Link from a search engine
Link from another website
Saw reference to WFA in a book
Saw article in newspaper or magazine
Saw advertisement
Saw display material at a museum or similar
Saw copy of WFA publication
Recommendation from friend or family
Gift Aid for UK Tax Payers
I wish all subscriptions, donations and other payments I make to The Western Front Association, Charity No. 298365, from the date of this declaration to be treated as Gift Aid. I understand that I must pay an amount of income tax or capital gains tax at least equal to the tax the charity reclaims on payment made by me in the tax year.

How to apply
1. Complete this form with your personal details
2. The current annual subscription rates are shown on the application form opposite.
3. All subscriptions are payable in Pounds Sterling.
4. UK payments may be made by cheque, made payable to The Western Front Association.
5. Overseas payments may be made by Sterling-denominated cheque or International Money Order, made payable to The Western Front Association.
6. If you would prefer to pay in your own currency, please add the current equivalent of £10 Sterling to the value of your payment.
7. If you would prefer to pay using a credit or debit card, please complete the details on the form. Visa, Access, Mastercard and Delta are accepted by the WFA.
8. Details of easy Direct Debit payments and tax-efficient covenants will be sent to you on approval of your application.
What to do next
8. Print this form, sign and date it and send it, together with your payment, to:

The Western Front Association
BM Box 1914
United Kingdom



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