Borradaile, H B (1860–1948) Brigadier-General
GOC Infantry Brigade DSO
Charterhouse Indian Army


kosbHarry Benn Borradaile was the eldest son of A A Borradaile of the Bombay Civil Service. He was commissioned in the King's Own Scottish Borderers (then the 25th Foot) on 14 January 1880.

He saw active service with the KOSB in Burma (1885 – 9) and took part in the Sikkim Expedition (1889). He transferred to the 32nd Sikh Pioneers, Indian Army, in 1894 and served with them as part of the Chitral Relief Force (1895), during which he was wounded and for which he was later awarded the DSO. He was CO 34th Sikh Pioneers from 1902 until 1909.

He retired on 30 December 1912 in the rank of colonel, but was recalled in 1914 and given command of 36th Brigade, 12th (Eastern) Division, New Army, then forming at Colchester. He was responsible for the brigade's preliminary training and took it to war in June 1915.

Brigadier-General Borradaile was wounded on 1 October 1915, the first day of 36th Brigade's first action, at Loos. The wound does not appear to have been serious enough for him to leave his command, but he was replaced on 9 November and ordered home.


Dr John Bourne


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