Binning, Lord G B H (1856–1917) Brigadier-General
GOC Infantry Brigade CB MVO
Eton College Cambridge University Royal Horse Guards


royal-horse-guardsLord George Baillie-Hamilton Binning was the eldest son of the 11th Earl of Haddington.

He was commissioned in the Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) on 11 September 1880 after graduating from Trinity College, Cambridge. He served in the Egyptian Campaign (1882), the Nile Expedition (1884–5) and the Hazara Expedition (1888) and he commanded his regiment from October 1899 until October 1903. He retired from the army on 6 March 1907 but maintained an involvement in military affairs as CO Lothian and Border Horse Yeomanry.

In December 1915, at the age of 60, he was promoted brigadier-general and given command of 41st Brigade, 14th (Light Division), a New Army formation that had been in France since May. Lord George remained in command until April 1916, when he returned home to command 11th (2nd/2nd South Midland) Mounted Brigade. He was still in command of this formation (then designated 1st Mounted Brigade) at the time of his death in January 1917. 41st Brigade took part in no significant military actions during Binning's command.


Article courtesy Dr John Bourne


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