Beatty, G A H (1870–1954) Brigadier-General
GOC Cavalry Brigade CMG DSO*
Newton College Charterhouse School Indian Army


lucknow-cavalry-brigade-jul-1915Guy Archibald Hastings Beatty was born at Poona, in India, the son of Surgeon-General T B Beatty. He was commissioned in the Royal Irish Regiment on 21 December 1889, but transferred to 9th Hodson's Horse, Indian Army, in 1892.

He served on the North West Frontier (1897) and in the Boxer Rebellion (1900). Hodson's Horse deployed to France in November 1914 as part of the Indian Corps. Beatty commanded the regiment until his promotion to GOC 8th (Lucknow) Cavalry Brigade, 4th (Cavalry) Division, on 13 December 1917. The brigade took part in no major operations while under Beatty's command. He retained his post until the division was dispersed and its Indian elements sent to Egypt in March 1918. He later saw active service in Persia (1919), in the Kyhber Pass (1919) and in Mesopotamia (1920–1).

Major-General Sir Guy Beatty retired from the Indian Army in 1931 after a four-year tour as Military Adviser-in-Chief, Indian State Forces.

Article courtesy Dr John Bourne

Image, courtesy Wikimedia, shows English and Indian soldiers of the Signal Troop of the Lucknow Cavalry Brigade relaxing in a farmyard at Brigade Headquarters, 28 July 1915.



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