Baylay, A C (1879–1957) Brigadier-General
GOC Infantry Brigade DSO
Cheltenham College RMA Woolwich Royal Engineers

royal engineers

Atwell Charles Baylay was the son of Colonel F G Baylay RE. 

He was himself commissioned in the Royal Engineers on 23 November 1898.  In November 1912 he took up the appointment of Adjutant Royal Monmouthshire Royal Engineers (Special Reserve), which he held until May 1915, when he became OC 1st (West Riding) Field Company RE, attached to 29th Division. He commanded this unit until December 1916, both on Gallipoli and the Somme.  He was then posted to the RE School BEF (December 1916–March 1917) before becoming CRE 40th Division (March 1917–June 1918). 

His promotion to brigadier-general and transfer to the command of 59th (Infantry) Brigade, 20th (Light) Division, was perhaps unexpected.  20th Division had suffered cruelly during the German spring offensives of 1918 and undertook no significant operations after the end of March until 2 October 1918, when it participated in Fifth Army’s advance in Artois as part of VIII Corps.  It was taken out of the line completely for training on 6 October.

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