cenotaph londonIntroduced in January, 2010, "Remember: on this day" is a way in which the WFA - through its aim of "Remembering" - will feature a casualty from the Great War each day on our home page.

Those shown are from any side and any service, and we describe not just those who were killed in action (KIA) on the day in question, but those who were on active service who died for any reason. We aim wherever possible to show an image of the casualty, a short text about his or her background, and the cause of death.

This feature is produced in collaboration with David O'Mara of Croonaert Research Services.

3July1916 ROTD
Inf. Peter Barr, 7.Komp. Kgl.Bayr.Inf.Regt. 16 ‘Großherzog Ferdinand von Toskana’

From Schlott, Bavaria, Peter was born in 1891.

The son of a shopkeeper, he was a recalled reservist when he entered the army for war service on 1st August 1914.

After partaking in the Battles of the Frontiers, he fought in Artois and Flanders until moving to the Verdun battle in 1916.

Inft. Barr was killed in action at Verdun on 3rd July 1916.

Inf. Barr has no known grave.

Killed in action 3 July 1916.




Research by David O'Mara


Sdt. Philomain Furminieux, 24ème Bataillon de Chasseurs Alpins

Philomain Furmineux was born in 1886.

M. Furminieux completed his compulsory military service in 1909.

He was an active army reservist at the time of the outbreak of war.

Recalled into service on 3td August 1914, he saw action during the Battle of the Marne and on the Champagne front during 1914 before moving to the mountains of the Vosges at the end of the year.

Sdt. Furminieux was killed in action at St.Nicolas, Arras on 2nd July 1915.

Killed in action 2 July 1915

He has no known grave.



Research by David O'Mara


Pvt. Evar Hilmar Kullenberg, Aviation Service, US Army Signal Corps

Born at South Bend, Indiana on 21st March 1889.

Evar was an employee of the Oliver Plow Works prior to the war.

He enlisted into the US Army on December 14th 1917 at South Bend and underwent training at Columbus Barracks Ohio and Camp Grant, Illinois before being posted to Kelly Field, Texas.

Evar died during an operation for goiters at Kelly Field on 30th June 1918.

He was buried with full military honours at City Cemetery, South Bend, Indiana.

30 June 1918



Researched by David O'Mara


28June15 Choraine
1650 Sergeant Louis Philibert Choraine, 175e Régiment d'Infanterie.

Born at St.Victor-sur-Rhins, Loire on 23rd March 1894, Louis was called into service in September 1914.

During training Choraine was promoted to Sergeant. He was transferred to the newly formed 175e Règiment d’Infanterie at Marseilles in February 1915.

In April 1915 he was sent to serve in the Dardanelles.

After landing at Kum Kale on 25th April 1915, Sergeant Choraine moved to Cape Helles. He served in the Aqueduct sector.

Between April and June 1915 Sergeant Choraine took part in the three Battles of Krithia: First Battle of Krithia, Second Battle of Krithia, Third Battle of Krithia.

He was killed in action near Sedd Ul Bahr on 26th June 1915.

Louis has no known grave, but it is likely that his remains lie in the French cemetery at Morto Bay.

Killed in action 26 June 1915



Research by David O'Mara



12595 Pte. Robert Abbott, 1st Bn. East Lancashire Regt.

Robert Abbott was born in the town in 1888. He was a oomer at Whittlefield Mill, Burnley, Lancashire.

He enlisted into the army in Burnley at the end of August 1914. After training he saw service on the Western Front from 29th August 1915.

Private Robert Abbott was killed in action on the Redan Ridge, Beaumont Hamel on the opening day of the Battle of the Somme.

He has no known grave.

Robert is commemorated on the Thiepval Memorial, Somme.

Killed in action 1 July 1916


Research by David O'Mara

Inf. Michael Albrecht, 1.Komp., Kgl.Bayr. 3. Inf. Regt. ‘Prinz Karl von Bayern’

A warehouseman from Oberwittelsbach, Bavaria, Michael was born on 29th September 1892.

Already a serving soldier at the outbreak of war, he first saw action during the Battles of the Frontiers in August 1914 before moving to the Somme sector towards the end of the year.

Remaining on the Somme until April 1915 Inf. Albrech was transferred to Galicia where he took part in the capture of Premysl on May 31st.

He was killed in action in Galicia on 29th June 1915 and has no known grave.

Killed in action 29 June 1915


Research by David O'Mara

28June15 Nelson Petty ROTD
Lieut. Nelson Widdup Petty, ‘C’ Coy, 1st Bn. Lancashire Fusiliers

Nelson Petty was born at Hellifield, Yorkshire in 1885. He was an ex-ranker who had enlisted into the Lancashire Fusiliers as a private soldier in 1904.

After service in Malta, Egypt, Aden, South Africa and India, he had returned to England as a sergeant.

After having obtained a commission in January 1915, he was sent to the Mediterranean theatre and landed at Gallipoli (‘W’ Beach) on 25th April 1915.

Lieut. Petty was killed in action during an attack on the Turkish trenches on 28th June 1915. He has no known grave.

He is commemorated on the Helles Memorial, Turkey.

Killed in action 28 June 1915




Researched by David O'Mara

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