cenotaph londonIntroduced in January, 2010, "Remember: on this day" is a way in which the WFA - through its aim of "Remembering" - will feature a casualty from the Great War each day on our home page.

Those shown are from any side and any service, and we describe not just those who were killed in action (KIA) on the day in question, but those who were on active service who died for any reason. We aim wherever possible to show an image of the casualty, a short text about his or her background, and the cause of death.

This feature is produced in collaboration with David O'Mara of Croonaert Research Services.

16 May 1918 Pvt Herman H StrietelmeierPvt Herman H Strietelmeier, HQ Co 151st Infantry Regt.

Born at Linton, Greene County, Indiana on 12 March 1894, Herman was a farmer in his civilian life.He enlisted into service at Bloomfield, Indiana on 21 September 1917 and was sent to Camp Taylor, Kentucky for training with the 159th Depot Brigade.

After transferring to the 151st Infantry, he was sent to Camp Shelby, Mississippi where, on 16 May 1918, he was killed in an accident. Herman is buried in Linton, Indiana.

16 May 1918



Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


15 May 1915 Sdt Maurice Vermorel1051 Sdt Maurice Vermorel, 16e R I.

Born at Roanne, Loire on 7 January 1891, Maurice was an already serving soldier at the time of the outbreak of war. In action as early as 18 August 1914 at Morhange, he fought through the Battles of the Frontiers and Picardy before settling into trench warfare on the Somme by the end of 1914.

After a short spell on the Oise front, Maurice was attached to the 73e R I in the Woevre sector. He was killed in action in the Bois d’Ailly on 15 May 1915. Maurice is buried in the French military cemetery of ‘Marbotte’ at Apremont.

15 May 1915


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13 May 1915 Sdt Jean BrivetSdt Jean Brivet, 158e R I.

Born at Lapacaudiere, Loire, Jean was born in 1894. He was called into the military service in August 1914 and saw his first actions in Flanders during the 1st Battle of Ypres before moving to the Artois front.

Jean fell ill during his service near the Notre Dame de Lorette spur and died of sickness in hospital on 13 May 1915. His grave location is unrecorded.

13 May 1915



Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


11 May 1915 Inf Sebastian GmeinederInf Sebastian Gmeineder, 3 Komp Kgl Bay Res Inf Regt Nr 2

From Bischelsdorf, Bavaria, Sebastian was born in 1889. A recalled reservist, he re-enlisted on 1 August 1914 and saw service during the Battles of the Frontiers and the Battle of Arras in 1914 before settling into front-line routine in French Flanders.

Sebastian was killed in action near the Labyrinthe at Neuville St Vaast during the Battle of Artois on 11 May 1915. He has no known grave.

11 May 1915



Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


14 May 1915 Pte William Henry Wilson7762 Pte William Henry Wilson, D Coy 1st Bn East Lancashire Regt.

A weaver at Spring Mill, Earby, William (aka ‘Tug’) was born in Burnley, Lancashire in 1883. He had enlisted into the army as a regular in 1902 and had seen service in India and Ireland before becoming a reservist in 1906. Called back into full time service in August 1914, Tug was in France by the end of the month.

After disembarking on 22 August 1914, he fought in the Battles of Le Cateau, the Marne, the Aisne and at Messines in 1914 but was killed in action in the vicinity of ‘Shell Trap Farm’ near Wieltje during the 2nd Battle of Ypres on 14 May 1915. William is buried in New Irish Farm Cemetery, West Flanders.

14 May 1915



Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


12 May 1915 Musk Josef AbbergerMusk Josef Abberger, 4 Komp Lehr Infanterie Regt.

From Burladingen, Baden, Josef was born on 22 August 1893. Already a serving soldier at the outbreak of war, he transferred to the newly expanded Lehr Infantry Regiment at Potsdam in early 1914 and first saw action at Namur during the invasion of Belgium in August 1914.

After moving to the Eastern Front, Josef fought at the 1st Battle of the Masurian Lakes and the Battle of Lodz before moving to the Carpathian mountains and Gorlice.

He was killed in action during the Gorlice-Tarnow Offensive on 12 May 1915 and was buried in the military cemetery at Zadzielslo, Gorlice.

12 May 1915


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


10 May 1915 Sdt Marcel Claudius Delorme741 Sdt Marcel-Claudius Delorme, 175e R I

Resident at St Victor sur Rhin, Marcel was born at Chizy, Rhone on 13 March 1895. He was called up into service with the 121e R I in August 1914 but transferred to the 175e RI whilst undergoing training at Grenoble in early 1915.

In April 1915, he set sail for the Dardanelles and, after serving in the Aqueduct sector was wounded in action at some point between 6 and 8 May during the 2nd Battle of Krithia. Evacuated to the SS Lutetia, Marcel died of his injuries on board on 10 May 1915. He has no recorded grave.

10 May 1915


Research by David O'Mara, Croonaert Research Service


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