cenotaph londonIntroduced in January, 2010, "Remember: on this day" is a way in which the WFA - through its aim of "Remembering" - will feature a casualty from the Great War each day on our home page.

Those shown are from any side and any service, and we describe not just those who were killed in action (KIA) on the day in question, but those who were on active service who died for any reason. We aim wherever possible to show an image of the casualty, a short text about his or her background, and the cause of death.

This feature is produced in collaboration with David O'Mara of Croonaert Research Services.

27 June Hallery
235 Sdt. Maurice Eugene Rene Hallery, 12e Régiment de Cuirassiers

Born at Valennes, Sarthe on 13th January 1899, Maurice was conscripted into service in April 1918.

After enlisting at Mamers, he contracted cerebral meningitis whilst undergoing training and died, on 27th June 1918, in the ‘Dominique Larroy’ Military Hospital at Versailles, Seine et Oise.

His burial location is unrecorded.

27 June 1918



Researched by David O'Mara

Inf. Konrad Gilch, 6.Komp. Kgl. Bay. 2. Inf. Regt. ‘Kronprinz’

Konrad was born in 1895.

He was a salesman from Kleinbettenrain, Bavaria.

At the outbreak of war he enlisted. He took part in the Battle of Picardy then settled onto the Artois front for much of 1915.

In June 1916, Infantryman Gilch moved to the Verdun battle.

He was killed in action on 25th June 1916. He has no known grave.

25 June 1916 killed in action



Research by David O'Mara

Thomas Leighton 23June1918
60213 Pte. Thomas Leighton Hall, 1st Bn. Northumberland Fusiliers.

Born at Sedbergh, Yorkshire in 1881, Thomas enlisted, at Keighley, into the Military Mounted Police (as P/3535) at the end of July 1916.

Private Hall initially served in France with the Military Police from early 1917 but transferred to the 1/Northumberland Fusiliers in early 1918 with whom he saw service during the 1st Battle of the Somme 1918 and the Battle of the Lys.

Private Hall was killed in action by shellfire whilst engaged on a wiring party on the night of 23rd June 1918.

Thomas Leighton Hall is buried in Sandpits British Cemetery, Fouquereuil, Pas de Calais.

23 June 1918 killed in action



Research by David O'Mara

Sdt Louis Berthelier
1202 Sdt Louis Claude Berthelier, 22e B.C.A.

Louis was born in 1893 in Montagny, Loire.

He enlisted into the army in October 1904 under the terms of his compulsory military service.

He was an active army reservist from 1906 when on 3rd August 1914 he was mobilised back into full time service. After being refitted at Albertville, Louis Claude Berthelier saw action in the Battle of of Alsace.

Louis Berthelier remained in the Vosges mountains throughout 1914 and into 1915 participating in the fighting on the Lingekopf in June 1915 where he was killed in action on June 21st.

He has no known grave.

21 June 1915 killed in action



Research by David O'Mara

Capt. William Parkinson Holt, Army Service Corps (attch’d 29 Squadron. Royal Flying Corps)

William Holt was born in 1893 in Burnley, Lancashire.

He attended Burnley Grammar School and received a scholarship to Aldenham.

After moving to Didsbury with his parents he spent the years leading up to the outbreak of war as an apprentice at the Calico Printer’s Association in Manchester.

William Holt enlisted as a private into the Duke of Lancaster’s Own Yeomanry in August 1914. Within days of enlistment, on the 14th August, Private Holt was put forward for a commission as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Manchester Brigade Company of the Army Service Corps.

He moved with the 42nd Division to Egypt and stayed there for the next 18 months William Holt then transferred to the Royal Flying Corps.

He transfered to France in the summer of 1916 and flew as a scout pilot with 29 Squadron Royal Flying Corps. On the evening of 24th June 1917 he left Le Hameau aerodrome on an offensive patrol flying Nieuport 23 (serial number B1607). He was shot down and killed by Unteroffizier Josef Heiligers of Jasta 30 near Beaumont some 30 minutes into his flight. Josef Heiligers was in turn shot down and killed on 20 November 1917 and is buried in the Lambersart Cimetière Militaire Allemand.

William is buried in Beaumont Communal Cemetery, Pas de Calais.

4 June 1917 Killed in Action 2



Research by David O'Mara

Brice Ringer 22June1919
Pvt. Brice Ringer, US Army Medical Corps

Brice was born at Augusta, Pike County, Indiana on January 31st 1897. He was a mechanic in Webster, Iowa.

He returned to his home state after receiving his draft notification and enlisted into the US Army at Petersburg, Indiana in May 1918.

Camp Taylor, Kentucky. 1915. Image in public domain.

After training at Camp Taylor, Kentucky, Brice Ringer was assigned to Convalescent Camp No.6 and set sail for service on the Western Front in the late summer of 1918.

After the Armistice, Private Ringer became part of the US Army of Occupation in Germany.

He was killed in an accident in Berlin on 22nd June 1919.

Brice Ringer's remains were repatriated to the USA.

He is buried in Augusta, Indiana.

22 June 1919 killed in action



Researched by David O'Mara

280 Capt. Claudius Feynier, 155e Régiment d'Infanterie.

Claudius Feynier was born at St.Jean Bonnefonds, Loire on 31st December 1864. He was living at St.Cyr de Favières, Loire at the time of the outbreak of war in 1914.

Claudius Feynier voluntarily entered the army on 3rd April 1883, originally enlisting into the 72e Régiment d'Infanterie at Mâcon. He was rapidly promoted through the ranks – becoming a Sergeant-Major by September 1885. In April 1888, Claudius was appointed an eléve-officier and attended the infantry school. He passed out as a Sous-Lieutenant in the 94e Régiment d'Infanterie the following year. He was promoted to Lieutenant in 1891 and in 1983 transferred to the 5e Bataillon d’Infanterie Legere d’Afrique. In 1900 he was awarded the Legion d’Honneur for actions in Algeria and Tunisia.

In March 1901, Lieutenant Feynier was promoted to Capitaine and transferred to the 115e Régiment d'Infanterie. In 1903 he became a reserve officer. He retired in 1908.

In August 1914 Capitaine Feynier was voluntarily recalled into training officer duties at Commercy. He volunteered for frontline service with the 155e Régiment d'Infanterie.

By the end of 1914, after having taken part in the Battle of the Woevre and the Hauts de Meuse, his regiment had taken up frontline residence in the Argonne Forest.

During the early months of 1915 Capitaine Feynier saw action at Vauquois and Bagatelle.

He was killed in action in the Bois de la Gruerie on 20th June 1915.

His burial location is unknown.

Killed in action 20 June 1915



Research by David O'Mara

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