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david hendersonMy interest in the Great War began as a teenager through reading, and by watching avidly the BBC's Great War series with the haunting commentary of Michael Redgrave. Later, I studied the Great War poets extensively during my teens, and I began my battlefield visits to the Western Front in the late 1970s. It was quiet there, then. My interests have moved towards seeing the Great War as an agent for social movement, and the fulcrum around which many societal changes we now accept for granted came about; including those we mis-remember from the Great War.

Nevertheless, I will always welcome information about my great-grandfather, L/Cpl George Buckley, 2nd East Yorkshires, kia July 1917 in Salonika.

After many years at a senior level as secretary and registrar to several higher educational organisations, I undertook a second career in IT.

In addition to the WFA's websites, I am responsible for the WFA's YouTube, Flickr, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter sites, plus any other WFA web properties. I edit the monthly eNewsletter. I manage the WFA's Press and PR database. I am a member of the WFA's Centenary sub-committee and I am the lead for the WFA's Pension Records Cards and Ledgers (PRCs) project.

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