Please ensure you have seen and read the following two articles on the WFA's website before applying to use the service so you are clear on the sort of data you may be able to receive.


You can use the form document (Word download below) to make up to five (5) lookup requests.

Please note the following.

The 100 Year Rule

Due to data protection regulations and the basis under which the PRCs have been given to the WFA, if anyone is named on the card or ledger who may be have been born less than 100 years ago, then you must have a genuine reason for such a request, ie the persons you name on the request form must have a valid connection to you (eg a relative). You cannot use this form to undertake lookup requests for third parties where the card content will compromise the 100 year rule.

If you intend to put any card supplied under this service into the public domain (website, social media, presentation, bulletin board etc) then you are obliged to ensure that anyone named on the card who was born less than 100 years ago at the time of your publication is either: deceased; or has given their permission for such material to be made public. If you cannot do this, you must redact the relevant part of the record so that no referenceis shown to a person who may be alive and under 100 years old.

Researchers who need access to large numbers of records for other reasons (eg war memorial or roll of honour researchers) should apply to the WFA separately to discuss their research requirements.

Fees for Lookups

First successful lookup: £25.00

Successive successful lookups (requested on the same form up to five lookups in total): £5.00 each

NB: a successful lookup includes at least one card or ledger entry for the combatant in question.

If no records are found at all, you will receive:

£15.00 refund for the first lookup. £3.00 for any successive lookups.

NB if your first lookup is not found, then the £25 first lookup charge will be transferred to any successive lookups. Similarly, refunds will be applied in the same way.

Print, packing and postage (nb only if required; files will usually be sent by email): £7.50.


1 Where do I send my form and cheque to?

Please complete, print and send this form with your cheque (payable to The Western Front Association) to:

WFA PRC Enquiries
c/o 5 Hill Top Green
West Ardsley

2 What do I get back?
You will receive a digital copy of each record card or ledger we find related to the lookup request subject. The digital file will be in PDF format unless you request print and post.

3 Why does the WFA make a charge?

There are a number of reasons why the WFA makes a charge for the lookups:

  • The records are stored in a remote, secure location and it requires both a journey time and cost to reach the venue.
  • The WFA has to pay for the costs of storage of the records.
  • There is quite a time needed to search 6.5 million records to find the relevant details via a series of cross-referenced cards.
  • The cards have to be manually extracted, scanned, prepared for despatch to you by email, and then returned to the archive in the correct places.

As a registered charity, the WFA will apply any surplus to achieving our educational aims.

4 How long will it take to make the lookup?
The WFA has access to our secure storage location twice per month. However, much depends on the volume of enquiries we are able to respond to at any one time. We will email or call you if we expect to take more than six weeks to respond to you.

5 How long does it take to obtain any refund?
Usually 10 working days from the confirmation to you that we have been unsuccessful. It will be sent by cheque to the address you have given.


Downloads advice: PDF now added. Microsoft provides a plug-in for Word 2003 which enables it to read Word 2007 files. You can also download Libre Office or Open Office, both of which are free and open source office suite programs which read 2007 files. Web Editor.

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