The Western Front Association advertises WFA Branch, Regional and National Events in the Events Section of the website. The WFA also promotes other national events considered to be of interest to WFA members, and carries website reviews of books and similar materials related to the 1914-18 period.

The WFA also advertises and promotes membership of the WFA to visitors to the website. WFA web pages also carry advertisements and other links for the sale of WFA Commodities and other materials and publications sold directly by the WFA. The WFA also undertakes collaborative projects such as "Mapping the Front" and promotes these in various ways to WFA members and visitors to the website.

The WFA also allows relevant advertising on its pages where such advertisements are considered to provide items of interest to WFA Members and visitors to our website. The WFA endeavours to ensure that advertisements are relevant and suitable for a website of this type. If you consider that an advertisement or its content (or a link to it) is inappropriate, please contact the Web Manager immediately. The net commissions from such advertisements appearing on the website are returned to the WFA. Such sums contribute to the work of the WFA in a range of ways, including developing new website initiatives and other WFA projects.

Currently, this type of advertising on the website includes the following:

  • Adverts for the sale of books, DVDs and CDs through the WFA Online Book and DVD Store, in collaboration with Amazon UK.
  • Sponsored Links advertisements from Google.
  • Affiliate links to booksellers and genealogy organisations.
  • WFA Yellow Pages listings with advertising enhancements.

If you would like to advertise your product or service directly on the WFA website, please contact the Web Manager.

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