Note: this document is evolving as the new branch events system beds into place from January 2015.

To add WFA Branch Events, you need to be an authorised editor for your Branch.

For new Branch Events Editors

You will need to carry out the following procedure:

1. Register an account - by contacting the Digital Editor with your preferred email address.

2. The Web Editor will notify you that you have been registered and authorised and provide you with your username and password.

NB If you are not the designated Chairman/woman of your Branch, your Chairman/woman will need to confirm formally by email to the Digital Editor that you are the nominated and authorised Branch Events Editor.

3. Notify the Digital Editor of your regular meeting venue address, including post code (zip code).

For authorised and registered Branch Events Editors

Adding events is easy and a full guide below has been published to help you do this.

Please use the latest versions of Firefox or Chrome when editing. Internet Explorer is not the best browser tool for interactive use.

It is important to remember that you will need to return here to this page to log in, and then to see and use the Add Events menu item in the User Menu which will appear to the right of this article only after you have been duly authorised and you are logged-in.

Please note that you can only add and edit your events after they go live. Adding new venues, etc is carried out by the Digital Editor. Please contact him to make these types of changes.

Editing tips:

  • You don't have to publish a closing date and time if your event is on a single day so tick the appropriate boxes to remove them from showing.
  • Times should be entered using the 24hr clock in the format HH:MM:00 (note colon) (remember that the correct syntax is 09:00:00 or 19:00:00 when entering the event; the system shows only HH:MM in the front end.
  • Avoid using unusual punctuation eg an ampersand (&) and double quotation marks ( "xyz " ) in your event talk or meeting title. In fact, best to avoid any special characters and stick to letters, numbers, colons and hyphens. If you absolutely need to use quotation marks, use only single quotes, not double.
  • If your venue is not listed, or changes - temporarily or permanently - please advise the Digital Editor of the details. Please include a post code for your venue (for mapping), and if there is a website for your venue, please enclose it too.
  • Please add as much detail as you can about your event in the "Description" section. Experience has shown that the more you can add, the better an audience is informed and prepared, and the more visitors you will likely get along to your meeting.
  • If you are on a Branch away day or tour, or going to a temporary venue, use the special "venues": "Location Visit" or "Please see event details for venue" (and add the event venue guidance there) rather than leave the venue blank. This helps to avoid confusion with potential attendees.
  • Once you have pushed your "update" button, your event will appear on the front end of the site under your branch listing or for that date but only once approved. From 1 January 2015, events have to be moderated but we will aim to move to a non-moderated system once the new system has bedded in. So, please don't bash on and add (say) 12 months' events without checking that the first one or two you have done have appeared under your Branch name and that you have got it right. Test at all stages.

Finally, please also bear in mind that you can also add your events to the WFA's Facebook pages and via Twitter. Since February 2014 you can now add your Centenary-related events to the WFA's new Centenary website: .

Adding branch events - step by step

On the home (front) page of the website, go to the bottom right corner of the page where you will see " Add WFA Branch Events". Click on this, and the following screen will appear.

events image 2

Type in your user name and password, and (unless you are accessing a computer in a public place, such as a library) select "remember me".

The page will then say "Hi [your name]"

events image 3

Click on "Submit Branch Event" and you will be presented with this screen:

events image 4

1 Event Details
Note - this is the point at which users may wish to copy and paste text from another document. If doing this, the "Control V" option is not available, but right click/paste does work.
Under "Event Information" is a box entitled "Name" which is auto-filled with the words "New Event". Over-type this with the title of the Branch event. Best practice would be to have the full title followed by the name of the speaker.
Starting and Ending Boxes: Starting and End times need to be input as follows:
Date: Hover over the calendar symbol and - using the arrows - select the month, and then click on the date. (Alternatively type in manually using yyyy-mm-dd)
Time: This has to be manually inserted in the format hh:mm:ss. It is important that hours, minutes and seconds are all input (using the 24 hour clock system), with colons between each pair of numbers.
All Day Event: Leave this unticked unless the event lasts all day ie 24 hours.
Location: Start typing the name of your venue (not the town or city) and it will appear in a grey box beneath where you are typing, providing your location has been pre-entered into the system. If not, please contact the Digital Editor). Click on the event location and it will fill the box before you type the full venue.
Bottom Box: This is your opportunity to "sell" the event to the world. You are not limited to a set number of words, so please feel free to provide as much detail as you like about the event.
There is no need to use the blue boxes (Article, Image, Page Break or Read More) nor is there a need to "Enable comments" or "Enable registration".
Top Left Box (above "Event Details")
Here it is possible to select an image from your PC to add to the event
Max file size should be 100k (jpeg format is best). The image you use should be generic to the talk subject, copyright free and include any suitable credit (eg IWM digital image Q reference) in the event description. Please do not include images of book covers.

events image 5

2 Categories and Tags
Click on Categories and Tags. In the first box (Categories) start typing your branch name and it will appear below. Click on the branch and it will in-fill into this box
In the "Tags", box, type in a number of key words from the event (for instance "Haig" or "Somme"). Many tags have been added already so type a common part of the tag you wish to add (eg "Pals") to see which tags are available to select. After typing the key word, add a comma and the word will be recognised.

Note: tags should be generic enough to generate a number of events under it eg "Somme" or 28th Division, but not too wide so that it becomes meaningless eg "France" or "British Army".

events image 6

3 Contact
Type in your (or your branch chairman or secretary's) phone number and email address in the appropriate boxes. You can also add a branch web address if you choose.

4 Meta Information
This is automatically populated - ignore this.

5 Front End
Untick the following two boxes "Show end date" and "Show end time" if your event is on a single day and you do not wish to show a fixed end time.

6 Submit
Finally, click "update event" and you will get a message:
Event saved, but needs to be approved by one of our staff members. [This means that, initially, your submitted events will be moderated and approved by the Digital Editor, until the new system beds in]

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